Understanding Life

Taking Refuge to the Buddha (Huang Huiyin)      Play

Three Refuges (Huang Huiyin)      Play

Atisha's Revelation      Play

Find the Person of Eminence in Our Life      Play

How to Remove Dirt from the Heart      Play

Find the Source of Joy and Sorrow from the Bottom of Our Hearts      Play

How to Share the Virtue and Experience of Our Fellow Devotees      Play

The Significance of Establishing the Ultimate Faith      Play

Buddhism is a Complete and Systematic Life Education      Play

To be Aware of Afflictions is the Beginning of Cultivation      Play

Understanding Life      Play



 Strengthening the Construction of National Cultural Soft Power①

 Some Thoughts on Chinese Religions in the New Century①

 Peace and Harmony as a Choice of Humankind

 Compatibility among Different Civilizations

 World Fellowship of Buddhists 27th General Conference

  World Buddhist conference opens in Shaanxi

 History of Buddhism in Cambodia

 Photo story: Caring mother feeds daughter mouth to mouth for 22 years

 World Buddhist event to be held in NW China

 World Earth Day marked in E China

 Never too late to learn, says Grandpa Smart

 Book Two (part 4)--The Flower Ornament Scripture

 【Stories of Ven. Master Xuecheng】Chapter Seven(2)

 Book Two (part 3)--The Flower Ornament Scripture

 Book Two (part 2)--The Flower Ornament Scripture

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