【Stories of Ven. Master Xuecheng】Chapter Three(4)

Chapter Three

A Reliable Master across Many Fields


Once, he worked overnight revising a speech, which was to be delivered at a conference to be held in Japan. He spent hours rewriting the speech over and over again.


Master once said with a smile, "I go back and forth between the BAC, Longquan Monastery, Guanghua Monastery and Famen Monastery." To promote Buddha's Teachings, one could hardly keep on without having strong will and great compassion. Master’s example shows a sense of responsibility and mission. 


Master is often heard saying, "One who is unattached does not fear; One who is selfless does not worry." He is always being amiable and kind, free and at ease like the drifting clouds and flowing water. He has never been disturbed by numerous affairs, whether in a quiet monastery or in a clamorous city. His mind dwells in precepts, concentration and wisdom, and therefore, is full of light, purity and happiness, a natural manifestation of his Bodhicitta. "It is just like the lotus flower shooting up from the water without getting wet, and the sun and the moon making their appearance in the blue void without being constrained by it." When asked how to cultivate this state of mind, Master replied, "Contain yourself; never vent your anger on others; never repeat a fault; reflect on yourself frequently; be considerate and try to put yourself in other's positions."



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